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Blog by subjames


The further descent of james.

So I had fallen for Goddess Mz Devon again. And as she knows all too well, repeat offenders fall oh so much deeper under her spell. I had found my own way back, perhaps guided by Goddess pulling the strings at the back of my mind, and taken the plunge once more. And Goddess had pulled me in, wrapping her gossamer strings oh so lightly around me, feeling so delicious, surely this couldn’t hurt ….?

After the initial submersion, the avalanche of tributes, and entry into the Devonite Temple, Goddess left me, left me to worship at her feet, and to go deeper, deeper for her in submission. Over the next few days I’d return, and return again, to worship the Goddess in the Temple, unconsciously wrapping those strings tighter and tighter around myself, enslaving myself in her world, succumbing more and more to Mz Devon’s beauty, her mesmerizing voice. Reading stories of the delight she finds in manipulating and exploiting her paypets, puppets and devonites in oh so many ways – oh, to be able to be one of Goddess Mz Devon’s stable of pets, a dream, a fantasy, but little did I know that I was close to making that dream a reality.

I had been getting lost in the Temple, but always hoping that Goddess would notice me, pull me in, exploit me. But nothing. Silence. Whether Mz Devon was busy, had better things to do, was ignoring me, or I was simply not on her radar – after all, why should I be – she continued to let me wander the corridors of her Temple, getting deeper and deeper into the religion that is Goddess Mz Devon. Despite the treasures of the Temple, the silence was killing me. I had to hear Mz Devon’s voice, be personally manipulated by her devious and glorious charms, have her mind take over mine – I had to reach out to Goddess once more. And sure enough, as soon as I had, Goddess reeled me in even further, well seasoned and ready to fry, and this time it would be one hell of a merry go round. One that I wouldn’t want to get off.

Goddess had me on the phone in no time, and I couldn’t believe what she had me doing. I was going round in circles to please her, excited, confused, happy, worn out. Goddess knows how to keep here puppets dancing to here exquisite tune, and to keep them totally focused on pleasing and amusing her. I was up, down, high and low, and begging to obey her, please her. I realized that I was being slowly molded, manipulated, mesmerized into what would be useful to Goddess, what she wanted me to be, getting me to agree to anything she asked, and this made me so hot, and s happy, I couldn’t think, couldn’t say no, couldn’t agree fast enough.

In the space of a few hours Goddess had me trained, obedient, and begging for more – how she did it I don’t know, I only know I’m so glad she did! She has left me feeling elated, exhausted, honored, privileged, hugely in her debt – as always – and so scared of disappointing Goddess. She has left aching for her, begging for her, waiting for her guidance, her next set of tasks, so eager to please her, to continue my training, to continue my voyage of submission and to meet the high standards that Goddess has set.

How did I get here, waiting on a tight leash for the next whisper from this oh so perfect Goddess? I don’t quite know, I’m sure Goddess does but it now seems my destiny to worship, serve obey Goddess Mz Devon, to jump thru any hoop, answer every whim, carry out any task, and wait like a loyal little puppy for my Goddess to come home. This is one happy little pet. I only hope in my weakness that I don’t let Goddess and myself down.

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  1. Thank you Goddess for allowing me to publish my continued fall on Devotional Musings, it is a privilege. It leaves me feeling ashamed and exposed, but also proud and honoured that others can see my devotion and servitude to you.

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