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Dear Mz Devon,

My name is K**  ******, I live in Toronto, Ontario. I am 24 years old and work in the construction industry as a project co-ordinator. I graduated with a Finance Degree 1.5 years ago and have been single ever since graduation.

The time I spent after school comprised of working and looking at feet on the internet, some feet were beautiful, some of the girls were easy to access with their video sites and that was the extent to which I got.

It has been a good two years now where I keep running into your website, I keep seeing it on the Dose every single day and I even went and purchased a couple of photo sets and a video “foot fucking you fools“. I think it is so genuine, so real and so enthralling that I believe I touch myself on the regular to the images it presents, and I never get enough it seems.

Every time I log onto the Dose, I click on your banner Princess, seeing the main picture on your website almost daily, I believe the beauty of your sole and dark red toe nail kept getting engraved in my mind and today on Thursday, January 10, 2013 I decided it is the time to get in touch with your Royal Highness. I was done admiring you, I decided it is time to act and service you Princess.

I am ready to be owned, I would love to dedicate all my life and energy to service your foot Princess and all your demands and wants and needs and desires. Ultimately, I want to achieve utter bliss by receiving a long term position under the bottom of your foot with enclosed in chastity, giving you all the power over my sexual life (which is now dedicated to your foot) and over my bank accounts.

Your Devoted Foot Servant,



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