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Blog by martin goes

Goddess Mz Devon destroyed me again. I tried to resist, to fight my urges for months. But I ended up again, begging Her to serve Her again, to fulfill my role in life as Her pathetic addicted footslave.

And She totally destroyed me financially and mentally. She fucked me so hard, She teased me and humiliated me, She laughed at me, making me pay heavily for pics of Her divine feet..She knows the power She has over me, and She knows HOW MUCH I love Her feet, so I ended up paying $1.680 in just one night. She made me blow my entire monthly earnings in one hour, She laughed at me for being so pathetic, knowing that the more She humiliates me the more I’ll beg to serve Her.

Now I’m totally broken, but thinking about working hard to serve the Goddess, to submit myself entirely, to devote my life to make Her and Her lovely feet happy, to do whatever She wants, and to take any sacrifice just for the inmense honor of being called Her footslave. She knows how to control me, She knows what an easy freak I’m for Her perfect feet, and She knows that I’ll do anything for Her. I’m more addicted and obsessed for Her than ever..I have Her feet deeply in my mind, ruling my life and controlling me so hard.

Goddess Mz Devon is the most stunning Woman on earth, the most perfect Goddess, and it’s impossible to resist Her lovely wiggling delicate toes, Her perfect arches, Her soft soles, Her perfectly shaped wrinkles, Her legs, Her anklets, Her stunning body, Her sweet smile, Her beautiful penetrating eyes, Her gorgeous lips, Her stunning hair..and Her delicate sweet yet cruel voice..She really knows how to use Her feminine charms to destroy a man’s will and to make him beg to be abused by Her. She is a true Goddess, and I live for Her. At Her feet, kneeling, worshiping the ground in front of Her perfect feet, for the rest of my life, begging Her to be used as a foot stool after working all day long for Her. Every man should work hard for Her, make sacrifices just to provide luxury for Her..She deserves everything, the perfect life, and not having to lift a finger for that.

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