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Blog by martin goes

Goddess Mz Devon ordered me to pick a photo and write about it, about why I love it so much. It was really difficult, since I love every pic from Her.

But I choosed this pic, which drives me totally crazy.


First, the look on Goddess Mz Devon’s beautiful eyes is devastating. The look of a beautiful confident Woman, who knows Her power and knows how to get whatever She wants from men kneeling before Her. Her beautiful hair is extremely sexy, and Her beautiful hand is the most perfect hand I’d ever seen. And Her feet..well..Her feet are the most perfect adorable feet on earth. Their shape is extremely perfect..those soles look so soft, so delicate..with the power to do whatever they want. Nobody can resist the Goddess looking down with that attitude and power on a humble slave eyes. I’d just beg to be Her footstool, to give Her everything, to make Her laugh and to give Her absolute power over my life. No matter the costs..even if the Goddess burns my entire monthly wage in just a few minutes and laughs at me for being this pathetic, I’ll work and beg harder just to be allowed to serve under Her perfect feet.

I TOTALLY ADORE this pic, and I wish I could be the Goddess Mz Devon’s footstool, so Her delicate feet could be as comfortable as they deserve.

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