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Blog by paulalipaul

After years of torturously staying away from Goddess…i finally accepted and embraced my destiny to live my life for Her. It’s scary, i know that She can (and probably will) squash me like a bug. But the reality is that i have no choice. If one concedes Her superiority (which in my opinion is without question), one must submit. i’ve only just begun my journey, which i hope is a long one leading to Goddess’ happiness and pleasure. i want to be an extension of Her will and sacrifice myself at Her direction.

i want the privilege of tributing to Goddess and contributing to Her lifestyle. i want to never, ever say no, and allow Goddess to push me to bigger sacrifices and deeper submission. i want to be Her pet at Her feet, and completely dedicate myself to Her. i want Her to exploit me, i want to feel pain for Goddess, i want to do anything to please Goddess, no matter how much it may hurt. Because, the more it hurts, the better it feels!

i’m definitely scared, but cannot resist my purpose.

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  1. zombie4DevonOctober 24, 2013 @ 2:38 pmReply

    Goddess Devon is our true purpose in life.

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