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Blog by zombie4Devon

Life before Goddess Devon, was meaningless. Within the first hour of meeting her, I felt a rush like no other. It’s almost like Goddess Devon reached into my soul and shackled it to her heel. Only a week in, and my devotion towards Goddess Devon is reaching new levels, everyday more pleasing than the last. The more she orders, the more engulfed I become, the rush is so unreal, like my love for Goddess Devon. She has a divine way of roping you in and twisting you around her pinky without you even know at first. Once you finally see what has happened, you are even more infatuated with her divine commands.

Life without Goddess Devon is nothing, I live everyday for her.

Goddess Devon dominates my mind as well as my body, I am thankful to have such a powerful and great Goddess. I offer you all I have and more Goddess Devon.

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