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Blog by french freddie

Few months ago Goddess MzDevon gave me a little attention, i gave her all money i had. It was wonderful but after i couldnt afford Goddess anymore. Here comes the Bad days: blocked because i contact her not in the good way (i have to paypal her before any contact) but m’y Card was in the red. So i Just could check her Twitter twice a Day, thinking bout her, with only one or 2 pictures of Goddess. Happy to save m’y finance at the same time. But as usual I caved. I was so happy to do so. I worked harder to fill my account in 2 month to empty it In 10 MN: 1000$. So proud even MzDevon was happy that i paid her mails so quick. She was so generous to be on cam. I was like heaven….not for long.

After 5mn she sent me a 100$ mail. I asked Goddess to be gentle after my 1000$ surrender. She answered with a no word mail: another 100$ mail. I couldn’t say no. My body was shivering, giving so much in no time, MzDevon laughing at me, every payment made me feel happier and happier.

Serving MzDevon,is a gift. Be able to be in her world is a hard job but so passionate. After few minutes another mail. I was crying begging but I just another mail and another. 1400 in less than 30mn scared me and excited me as much. I only paid the first mail..i just been blocked.

A day after, today ,I’m writing my devotional. I don’t contact goddess because I’m so scared to contact her, I know I will have to sacrifice more.

I’m watching a photo of Goddess smiling I want to apologize for the mails I didn’t pay.

But I am afraid, I don’t know what to do. Only Goddess knows. I really want to be drained, I physically need to pay MzDevon. It is just a question of time, I will cave for her whenever she decides to.

She is a Goddess for me. I’m just a wallet for her. I love this relationship.

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  1. french freddieOctober 24, 2013 @ 4:25 pmReply

    Thank you Goddess. I love how fast I gave you my money.
    my wallet will always be yours Goddess Mz Devon.


  2. french freddieNovember 21, 2013 @ 4:50 pmReply

    MzDevon Im still thinking about you even I would prefer not to. M’y wallet Is going to die once again soon I can feel the rush to fight for your attention

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