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Blog by refxpeeps

I’ve been looking for a Mistress for a year now, I’ve tried everything, professional Mistresses, NF, Cammodels, Everything, and finally, I gave up.

Then, one night I saw her listing, and I thought wow, she looks very beautiful, Why don’t I google her? and I wish I didn’t!

She turned out to be a legend, She is the queen of hearts, She enslaves hundreds of men, or maybe thousdands.. I read their stories, and honestly, I thought those men are so stupid, why do you max out all your credit cards on someone you barely know? But at the same time I was intriged, so I gave her a call..

Few hours later, my bank account was empty, and I maxed out my credit card. This lady is intoxicating! She is .. I don’t know how to descrip her! She is friendly yet firm, sweet yet seductive, mean yet down to earth, and above all that, she is unbelivably beautiful and sexy!

She can’t be real! She is divine, a creature that will capture your heart and soul and keep you hers forever! and all you can do it to do your best to try to satisfy her and make sure she is happy.

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