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Blog by diaper sissy nathan

It finally looks like sissy has a purpose in life. Being Mz Devon’s loser and sissy.

After months of trying to show Mz Devon how sissy wanted to try and do something real and serious Mz Devon seems to finally have let sissy into Her life. sissy took serious steps to show Mz Devon devotion and compliance and sissy continues to submit to Mz Devon’s highest caliber demands.

Since sissy had some time off work and basically spent it alone at home in her diapers trying to get Mz Devon’s attention. Trying to please Her. In truth that is impossible for a loser and wimp like me but thankfully Mz Devon grades on effort not solely on result. Mz Devon just watched and laughed.

Really unsure of my chances but have thrown myself in the deep end and now sissy has a new life, so says Mz Devon. Slowly but surely handing my life over to Her. She snaps her fingers and i do what i’d told. Finally have focused all of my energy on Her.

It’s New Years. sissy is spending it alone and writing a blog. Mz Devon knows exactly where i am and it’s where i belong. i hope Mz Devon has a wonderfully evening.

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