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Blog by cuckycunt

Dear Goddess Devon I am so sorry or apologetic for my behavior in the past.

I know I am a two hole bitch to be licking your boot at the snap of your finger. I am here to serve and to please you and to learn my place around You and Your Friends. I know that everything in my life revolves around You now and the schedule and dates that you plan to set up for me to entertain You.

I think or I know that You are very sexy and very amazing person and You are a very nice person as well I am very excited again to be your sub and to be talking to You. Thank you so very much for forgiving me and spending time with me again. I am so excited about the future with you Goddess.

I am a cuckold and it has taken me a long time to accept it I guess but I know what I am and where I can be of service and be productive. And that is to be those things for You Goddess Devon.

I am very excited about the future that You talked about to me tonight. I am so excited to be a newbie for You and Your Friends. I desire to be a good bitch for You, not only excited but I embrace it and I invite it in. I invite Your authority over me into me and desire and embrace it.

I truly want to be collared and owned by You Goddess.

Love cuckboie

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