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Blog by Devonswhaleben

i am starting my blog to worship Goddess Devon.

i showed her great tribute and respect and then i got scared and ran away from her like a sissy.

Her aurora brought me back and now i am showing amends by worshipping her as as She should being the beautiful woman she is. i hope to prove to her that i am worthy of serving her.

Goddess Devon is so beautiful i am mesmerized by her attitude her class her control her smile her chest her cute accent her laughter and her lipstick marks on her wine glass.

It feels good to give into my desire to serve her completely. i hope over time to be accepted as one of her boys so i may serve her.

i text her now my tributes to care for her and show my love and respect.

She deserves my full attention and i will give it to her because she controls me and it feels so good to give up and be her boy.

Thank You for letting me prove myself to You Goddess Devon i will not let You down!

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  1. Fresh glasses are an absolute MUST in my world… lipstick marks are grosssss – GMD

  2. Devon's whaleDecember 7, 2013 @ 2:50 amReply

    Yes Goddess Devon, may i replace Your wine glasses for You? i can crawl into the kitchen and retrieve whatever You like and keep Your wine glass full and Your glasses clean.

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