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The Goddess Mz. Devon = Divine Perfection

i am so fortunate to have summoned the fortitude to reach out to the Goddess Mz. Devon. She is a perfect Goddess in every way. Foolish me, i thought that i had an understanding of what true submission was, and what it means to me. i was so wrong. Like most inferior males, i thought with my little head and the filthy stick to which it is attached. Within minutes of speaking to the Goddess, i relalized that my most pervy thoughts were nothing, and that with Her guidance i could reach levels of sacrifice and submission that i never imagined could exist. By the end of the call, i was a quivering bowl of submissive jelly. All of my resolve melted away. She is in my head, and i cannot stop thinking about Her.

My new mission is to rearrange my life to liberate as many of my resources as possible to devote to Her. She deserves everything i can muster to give Her and more. We have only just begun, but i have never felt more alive in my heretofore worthless existence. Now i have a purpose. Serving and spoiling them most regal and divine Goddess in the universe. i can’t help myself. i never had a chance from the minute we connected.

i hope and pray that i do not make the same mistake as others. i never want to disappoint or bore the Goddess Mz. Devon. i never want to leave Her, only to learn that serving and spoiling Her is the greatest joy i will ever have. She knows my small, narrow male submissive mind. She knows what buttons to push. She knows what is best for me.

The Goddess Mz. Devon is indeed perfect. She is divine. She is grace. All hail the Goddess Mz. Devon.

With maximum respect,

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