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Blog by Devonswhaleben

i have spent the morning listening to and watching my Goddess Devon’s breasts, hair, lips, and voice.

i am preparing myself for inclusion into her stable of boys. i am not allowed to release but i hope to become one of her very good boys.

Her voice makes my knees weak. i have fallen for Her and place my small puny testicles under Her boot heels as She takes me deeply into her service.

i tributed a dress to my Goddess this morning as i begin to show my Goddess i am worthy to be Her very good boy.

Please, Goddess, allow me to be one of Your favorites.

all i can think about is entering the deep recesses of my submission only to serve my Goddess. i have a girlfriend but my cock is Goddess Devon’s. i owe Her so much i can never begin to repay Her for how She makes me feel and what She makes me willingly want to do. later today i am supposed to text Her to show my submission and willingness to serve.

i so look forward to proving to Her i am one of her boys, soon to be one of Her favorites because of my absolute devotion to Her.

Thank You for letting me serve You Goddess Devon.

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