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Blog by diaper sissy nathan

Mz Devon,

Once again sissy is writing to You while being pathetically alone and swaddled in a sea of pampers and sissification.You’ve allowed sissy to try and show You devotion. You’ve allowed sissy a glimpse of hope perhaps but still here i sit 99% ignored and denied.

Right where i belong and we both know it until You feel otherwise.

sissy just got home and will be spending the next 5 days home alone in my loser nursery, completely diapered and sissied right up. No reason to leave the house, no life, no friends.

All my vanilla clothes are put away, i wont even be wearing pants of any kind for the next week. Just pampers, tights and frilly socks.

Also refused all chocolate and such from family. Basic diet.

Hope that Your Devonmas day went well so far..i just have to have my bi-weekly sissy-soak and do a complete shave and get tarted up for the next week.

I’ve admitted to You that sissy still pines away hoping that someday sissy can become Your sissy adult baby wimp cuckold maid. Addicted to being allowed to sniff Your perfect ass via Your panties, maybe, once a year..for the rest of sissies useful existence (before fully tossing me out and ruining me). You’ve watch me skworm on scraps every weekend now for months. You watch sissy like a hawk too and sissy is so afraid of You her heart races at Your email updates.

You call me a crybaby, because i am a crybaby. sissy cannot deny what a wimp she is and how easily she does cry. sissy cries because she is sexually ruined and that she will never date or even touch another Woman again. What does a wimp do about those facts? Nothing. i’ve kept myself in fulltime pampers for years now and there is now way back and because i am such a pushover. It’s all my fault too so its all pathetic acceptance now. You’ve known me for years as nothing but what i am, a socially ruined loner diaperwimp.

sissy doesn’t know the end game, where her life will go at this point. sissy just stares at blown up thumbnails of Mz Devon and cries alone in my diapers.

Thank You for letting me write about how ruined and alone i am on Christmas Mz Devon.

diaperwimp nathan

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  1. diaperwimp nathanDecember 25, 2013 @ 9:30 pmReply

    Thank You for exposing confessions and feelings Mz Devon.

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