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Blog by brian

Many years ago, i came across Mz Devon and knew She was something extraordinary. i very timidly served with small tributes via NF. Then, life changed, a kid, a marriage, etc, etc. i stopped serving. However, i never, ever forgot the thrill and deep down knew it was only a matter of time before my glorious entanglement into her web reoccured.

Fast forward almost 10 years and a divorce later, i finally caved, once and for all. In just over 12 hours, i’ve tributed in cash and credit over $600. i cancelled my morning work schedule such that i could send Her a care package of cash and gifts – which was the most exhilarating and exquisitely submissive process i have had the pleasure or doing. i have committed myself to cash tributes weekly, and have begged Mz Devon to mold me into a perfect servant for her.

More than anything in life, my strongest desire is to enable Mz Devon’s lifestyle, to serve obediently, to sacrifice, and to be completely Hers. i am so thankful that She’s generously given me the chance to be in Her stable!


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