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Blog by limpandtinytom

my Mistress, Mz Devon, told me to write a journal about the first 3 day’s experience with Her. i am going to start with the next morning
– this morning. We must have talked for hours last night – i have no idea how long. i ended up getting to bed after midnight – about 2 hours after my usual time. She knew that i had to get up early, but She didn’t care. i told Her i had to go to bed and She said fine, i can call Her next week. i told Her i loved Her. She said if i loved Her then CALL. i called Her immediately. i had rubbed by maggot raw while talking to Her. i ended up masturbating to the image of me going down on an eighty-something dowager. i exploded, imagining that i was whoring for my Mistress.

I woke up with five hours of sleep but strangely invigorated and energized. i tried to get back to sleep but could not. i kept thinking about Her and i had a hardon and couldn’t sleep. Instead i got up and exercised for an hour. i never exercise. And when i exercise, i never do it for an hour. But i had all this energy! i went to work and instead of procrastinating, i actually worked! And worked effectively. With a hardon, but effectively. i felt invincible. What is happening to me?

So what happened last night? We talked about everything. i told Her what i looked liked and She started calling me stumpy! She told me i was fresh and cocky – i agreed. i tried to explain to Her why i didn’t want to screw up and She just laughed as i stuttered it out.

But the most amazing thing was that as the night went on, we started feeding off of each other’s kink. First, She told me She would set me up on one of the phone services as a gay bottom. i would take the calls and suck the cocks and She would get the money. A perfect home-based job. But then She decided that She could whore me out on Craigslist. Now i don’t think i am much of a male specimen, but She seemed to think that Gay Guys don’t care. They only care about getting off. Then i suggested that maybe i could be a pussy sucker for older Women and MzDevon LOVED the idea. i could hear Her Mind clicking and She got energized and started telling me all the things She was going to do with me. And i started feeding into that. i couldn’t stop listening to Her. i couldn’t stop rubbing myself. i couldn’t stop.

She gave me this as my first job and then Her attitude changed. She wasn’t laughing any more. She was dead serious. i was to go to bed and the last thing i thought about was Her. When i got up, the first thing i was to do was skype Her and wish Her a Good Morning and express my sincere gratitude to Her.

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