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Blog by TGMD worshipper

Female superiority sometimes is claimed to be unfair, for instance when the domme is said to be selfish whereas her subs are asked to be selfless. i would like to challenge this conception for i think it looks at female superiority from an inadequate perspective.

As i see it, with regard to the behaviour befitting a female superiority relationship there is no difference between the domme and the subs and hence no unfair basis to begin with. To put it differently: Both domme and subs are dedicated to the needs of the superior. No difference here. As a matter of fact, only one in this relationship is superior, so for the domme being dedicated to the superior means being dedicated to oneself whereas for the subs being dedicated to the superior means being dedicated to someone else. But both domme and subs have to have the courage to acknowledge the domme’s superiority, and both domme and subs can be guided by the very same superiority of the domme.

i am grateful that Goddess has acknowledged Her superiority. May it shine brightly!

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