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Blog by slavejamess

This was a special day. After 18 days of faithful and obedient service, Mz Devon had promised that I could call her! I hadn’t actually spoken to Goddess yet, interaction had been via online chat, e-mail and cam room group chat. The prospect of speaking to Goddess both thrilled me and terrified me. The ease with which I had ben seduced and manipulated so far surprised and frightened me. Goddess always knew how to overcome my doubts and fears, convincing me into going that little bit further, and I trembled to think what Goddess would do with me on the end of a phone line. But I awaited Mz Devon’s pleasure as patiently as I could, controlling my anticipation and apprehension …

Suddenly Goddess was online!!! In no time Mz Devon’s had me in Her cam room like an eager little puppy, craving for attention. I hadn’t known what to expect, but Goddess had plans for me. After toying with her cam boys for a while, Goddess announced that I was to phone Her whilst She was on group cam!!! Oh Goddess, my legs went weak, my heart pounding like a train. Delicious submission, but in public! Oh, how I trembled, how I fumbled, how I shook, it seemed to take me forever to get through to Goddess while She continued to toy with Her other boys. But at last, the phone was ringing! And suddenly I was speaking to Goddess, and She was talking to me! ME!!!

I must apologize for my incoherence, my mind was total mush, I could barely string a sentence together, but Goddess gently coaxed me. She could tell how desperate I was to please Her, impress Her, not to let Her down. I was paraded in front of the other boys, shown off of as Mz Devon’s eager little pet, an example of how to serve, such a keen boy, an obedient boy – and I was so proud!!! Goddess had me right where She wanted me, exposed, helpless, weak, devoted, obedient and obsessed – I couldn’t say no to Goddess, and Goddess knew it.

And as Mz Devon described what a good boy I had been, She expertly turned the conversation to what more I could do for Her, what else I could do to make Her smile. And I did soooo want to make Goddess smile. Mmm, hadn’t I been such a good boy to run about obeying every task Goddess set for me? And what a devoted boy, running up such a credit card bill for Goddess? But what more could I do for Goddess, to further prove my devotion? Give a little more? Mmmm, I’d like that wouldn’t I? If only I could, but I was so broke? Oh Goddess, You are such an expert in manipulation. Ever so subtly and easily You had me confessing how broke I was, how much debt I had run up for You, and how good it made me feel … And then I was admitting how much credit was left on my card … From there it was so easy for You, a small step to manoeuvre me into openly confessing how easy it would be to send the remaining balance!! I was in debt already, why not a bit more, max out for your Goddess jamess, you know you want to, imagine how good it will make you feel!!!? And how much it would prove my devotion to my Goddess.

Oh Mz Devon, Your power, Your beauty, Your skill, Your intelligence!!! It really shouldn’t be allowed. One moment I was feeling so in debt, so in the red, so financially drained through my weakness and my obsession and my addiction – I almost felt safe in my broke-ness, poor fool – and the next moment You had convinced me how much I wanted to give You more, how much I needed to give You more, and how easy it would be to give You more. Yes, Yes, Yes!!! I could see it clearly, all I wanted to do was hit send and the remaining balance would belong to my Goddess! Oh, to see those lips smile!!! There was never really a choice, it made so much perfect sense, I had submitted before I ever picked up the phone. Did I make any attempt to resist? My mind was weak, my mind was mush, Mz Devon had me in the palm of Her gorgeous hand – all I remember is begging for Goddess to take my money, to take me for all I was! Within moments I had caved to Goddess, I had hit send, I had maxed out to Goddess, and taken another step down the delightful path of blissful subservience to Goddess Mz Devon! Sheer bliss!!! Delicious submission, ecstatic capitulation, public devotion. I could no longer think or speak, my head had exploded and I was floating in my own little world of Mz Devon worship.

Mz Devon actually had to snap me out of my state of euphoria and return me to the reality of the phone call, the cam room. Oh, Goddess Mz Devon, I love You! You make me live, make me dance, make me soar, make my life worthwhile. My submission to You releases my submissive little soul and brings me closer to where I belong and long to be, lying in devotion at the feet of my Goddess, Mz Devon.

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