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Blog by slavejamess

Oh, this journey gets sweeter and sweeter the deeper I get. I am falling and falling into Goddess Mz Devon’s world – and it gets more delicious every day. Just worshiping Mz Devon is reward enough, but Goddess guides and nurtures Her pets so lovingly that I just want to burrow into my submission for Her, and to stay there always. It is such a wrench to return to my everyday life, with just the memory of Mz Devon to sustain me – vivid tho that memory is. But the times I am in Mz Devon’s company makes me feel so alive! Chatting to Goddess is so addictive and overpowering, She seduces You so easily, I swear She has slipped something into my drink. I am in seventh heaven, hanging on Her every word, so eager to jump when She says jump, to obey every little command, complete every task, to tribute at Her slightest suggestion, mortified when I can’t.

And then Goddess really turned the screw, and invited me into Her cam room! I literally swooned at the mere invite, and when I joined Goddess in Her cam room my brain almost exploded. To see Goddess in all her gorgeous beauty, having so much fun toying and manipulating her pets so effortlessly, was a joy to behold. And to be one of those manipulated pets was excruciating in it’s ecstasy! Oh I can’t describe how submissive and weak it made me feel, a strange euphoria of being exposed, but wrapped in Mz Devon’s divine presence. I felt so unworthy to be permitted entry, but so, so happy! My little puppy tail was wagging itself furiously. You can’t help get carried away in Mz Devon’s energy and power – and She is expert in exploiting that energy and making her devoted pets jump through hoops for Her, and oh so eagerly do they jump! Before you know it, you’ve fallen for Goddess a lot more deeply than You bargained for once more. it is no wonder that Goddess Mz Devon is head and shoulders above all others, She truly is a divinity. And so my descent – or my ascent? – into Goddess Mz Devon’s world continues. Can it get any better!? I can’t believe it can, but Mz Devon continually surprises, and so it probably will. Will I survive!? I so hope so … but it would be a wonderful way to die.

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