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Blog by paulalipaul

In my mind there really is no question GMD is superior, divine, perfect in every way. But if there was that was stamped out recently.

After an initial “binge” of tributes, i neglected to send my final tribute. Bad idea.

Within a few hours of reconnecting, thinking i might be in a “favored” spot due to the binge, GMD made it clear she was ready to block forever and i needed to correct my past mistakes.

At one point, i was literally begging to make a tribute, to which GMD declined unless i increase the size.

Never in my life have i ever experienced or even ever heard of anyone declining a tribute. So, i’m sure you can guess what happens next, i increased the size (actually tripled it) as penance for not delivering on my commitment.

As GMD said, if i run away She’ll just hit me harder when i inevitably cave again and follow my destiny pursuing a coveted spot at her perfectly manicured feet.

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