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Blog by youzmy

Another night of frustration, reading through one after another Dominant Woman’s webpage, without finding the ONE i so badly wanted to take me over and use me!

i read and re-read the advertisements of my favorites on niteflirt and noticed THE GODDESS MZ DEVON‘S site. i had never called HER, but had always loved reading it and lusting over HER photographs!

Feeling very submissive, and desperate to have contact with this POWERFUL GODDESS, i decided to send HER a playful message asking if SHE ever had a sale on HER services!!! SHE quickly recognized my inferiority and took control. i was stunned at how SHE was able to immediately zero in on my need to please and WORSHIP HER!

With each text, i felt weaker, more helpless, and so much needier for HER attention. i just had to please HER (only HER). With each click of the pay button, i felt more excited about being the slave of this incredibly BEAUTIFUL, SOPHISTICATED, SUPERIOR, and SUPREMELY WILLFUL IN-CHARGE GODDESS.

My heart raced with need and desire as I waited expectantly for HER next text. i had never met HER, but i felt SHE completely knew me and owned my body and weak mind! i fantasized about belonging to HER and meeting all of HER needs and desires.

If only i could have an opportunity to kneel at HER FEET and do whatever SHE expected; whatever pleased, pleasured, and amused HER, the GODDESS i had always needed.

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