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Blog by rubbersub1

Sometimes things don’t always go as planned, sometimes accidents happen, and then there are times when you least likely expect something it happens. One could say a bit of each is how I found myself here, pledging my devotion to a woman I’ve only known for a handful of days. Some would call it crazy, weak, even pathetic, but those don’t understand the life of a submissive and what obedience truly is. We’ll get into that a bit more. But first, let’s wander back down that rabbit hole shall we?

It was late. I was awake browsing the internet. Just a lonely thirty-something former submissive/latex slave who thought he’d left that kinky life behind for a vanilla girl, and a vanilla world. At least that is what I thought. As a fetishist I love to openly discuss sexuality with other like-minded kinksters to find any ‘tastes’ I haven’t sampled yet. One such taste was the world of online D/s relationships. Never had I served a Domme I’d never met before; especially since I always enjoyed the interview process when meeting a new Dominatrix in person. This was something new, something different. I can’t lie and say I had my doubts, but slowly, and carefully, a very clever, powerful, and dare I say, sexy woman cleared away all with ease.

How I found my way to NF is rather inconsequential to the story. I was there, mulling around and wasting time trying to find a REAL experience. I had received a message from another Domme on NF making me an offer, so I figured, “what the heck right?” and dove right in. Now as I followed each command and jumped through each hurdle to earn this privileged status, another message sprung up into my inbox catching me off guard. It was from the Goddess Mz Devon, it seems the pair were partnering up for a window of time. The title of the message was strict and direct “Now Do This…” This was not an option, this was a command. I’ve served stern Domme’s before and this reached to that primal level like being yanked by your collar. I had to do as commanded, I had to serve, and that is exactly what I did. The first task was simple just say “Hi.” One might take the simplicity for comedy, but that would be a mistake. With each letter of correspondence this woman revealed her dominance with the eloquence and use of words. Each sentence drew me deeper to expose myself to her willingly. Each message was a test to show my devotion and obedience to her. I have not past every test. For that I have obediently accepted my punishment. Yet I long to serve this Goddess, this beacon of dominance. So you see, sometimes, something wonderful can emerge from the unexpected.

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