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Blog by sissy-slut jonathan

I called Mz Devon for the first time over ten years ago and distinctly remember being scared out of my wits after the first call. I immediately felt a loss of control and my body felt weak. There is something in her voice that just broke me. Because of this, I would call Mz Devon here and there but never really committed because I was always afraid that I would get sucked in and become addicted. After running away countless times I finally took a big step one night. The details are hazy, but essentially I went on cam for Mz Devon and she completely turned me into a whore.

I dressed up in my girlfriends lingerie, rode a dildo, and ate my own ejaculate all while on cam. After this I was owned. I now tremble at any text, message or phone call from Mz Devon. I’m writing this so that others who are considering the idea of submitting to Mz Devon can understand the sacrifice that is required and the reward that follows. The reward is that Mz Devon will reinvent you to what she desires and you get to please an absolute goddess. I don’t know what Mz Devon has planned for me but I trust and love her. She is my new religion.

Thanks, Jonathon

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