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Blog by lesley fables

Things have changed after the big cash rape.  I thought I’d just quit, and cherish the memory of having been totally abused by a vastly superior Goddess.  But I’m unable to do so.  The Goddess Mz Devon got me hooked.  I don’t know how She does it, and I don’t know why Her magic works a million times better than any other domme’s.  But here I am, aching for Her attention, almost dying to obey Her, to carry out a little task for Her, anything.
I keep tributing Her, yes, smaller amounts than before, although I know I can’t keep it up in the long run.  I will lose Her attention at some point, I will only be a useless pet for Her, neglected, frustrated.  But still I crave Her presence, I crave being near Her.  I crave Her abuse.

Most of the time, Goddess is kind to me.  She knows I’m longing to be Her good girl.  But now and then She calls me names, humiliates me, which I absolutely love.  I like to be Her lil obedient slut.

Goddess made me take pictures of all of my sissy belongings:  my toys, my hosiery, my bras, my panties, my beauty things.  My treasures are not quite balanced, I guess.  I’m a bit short on bras and make-up, but I have an abundance of panties.  The reason might be that being a sissy is more about the feel than the look to me.  In any case, Goddess seemed pleased, which is the most important part of the story.

I bought another audio of Hers and keep listening to it while watching a slide show of Her cleavage shots.  I foolishly repeat Her mantras while staring at Her, drooling, and aching.  I’m in chastity, of course, so whenever Her voice says I’m allowed to touch myself, I can’t.  But that’s alright, it’s the price I gladly pay for being Her sissy.

I’m aching, and I’m envious.  I wish I could grow boobs like Hers.  Goddess is simply perfect.  I’m so glad I found Her.  I’m so glad She’s melting down my mind, annihilating my willpower, feeding my addiction, pushing me further down into depravity.  I live to serve and tribute the Goddess Mz Devon.

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