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Blog by lesley fables

Things have calmed down a little.  I have accepted my fate of being a sissy slave to the Goddess Mz Devon.  I keep staring at Her cleavage whenever I get the opportunity, and listening to Her audios twice a day.  I secretly repeat many mantras all day.  I’ve become an obsessive pay pig of Hers.  I can’t resist the urge of tributing Her.  What I give isn’t much, but it hurts nonetheless because I tribute again and again.  I try to resist, but I can’t.  She has taken control of me, and it feels really, really good.  I adore my Goddess.

Throughout the next few days, I might be a bit distracted.  I’m going to stay with family, and I won’t have the privacy to do any weird things.  But I think the inevitable will happen, anyway.  I’m aching for Goddess so much that I’ll most likely beg for release.  I can take chastity for quite a while, but not forever, especially not when teased like this.  I’m not sure how She’ll react.  But I guess it’ll be expensive and mind-blowing again.  She’s simply the best seductress on the planet.

I have a fun task to look forward to.  When I get back to work after holiday season, I’ll have to wear panties every day and take pictures.  I’m pretty sure Goddess will use these pics against me, and I’m looking forward to this.  I love how She humiliates me in public.  She’s really the best, and I’m glad to be mindlessly Hers.

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