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Blog by lesley fables

Everything started quite innocently last night.  My intention was to lock down my Niteflirt account.  I had served several mistresses and seen some good stuff, but mostly rip-offs, nonsense, and time wasters.  I didn’t want to spend any more money and time on things like that.  I just wanted to continue my humble life as a neglected husband and secret cross dresser.  I knew I’d be happy just like that.
At least, so I thought.  But then a simple message in my inbox caught my eye.  “Naughty or Nice Poll“, it said.  What a great way to end my Niteflirt days, I said to myself.  The message was affordable, it contained a few questions and led to a couple of follow-ups which weren’t pricey, either.  The author, the Goddess Mz Devon, was very nice and understanding and promised me a personal MP3 as an evaluation of my good and bad deeds of 2019.  Guess what, I haven’t receive this evaluation yet, because She didn’t have the time yet.  Instead, I found something far better.

Goddess gradually lured me into her web.  Before long, I felt that She was the domme I had been always looking for on Niteflirt without ever finding her.  First, She made me join a Twitter-like community for dommes and their slaves where I had to like and comment on all her posts.  Then She introduced me into sending her gifts from her Amazon wish list.  Later I made the mistake of telling Her in public that I’d love to be on the receiving side of one of Her cash rapes.  Immediately thereafter, the storm was upon me.

Goddess fed me tons and tons of paid messages on Niteflirt (images below), always making sure I’d adore her perfect cleavage and reply with a small tribute.  Being the obedient sissy slut I am, I gave in to everything She told me and tried to please Her best as I could.  After a good night’s sleep, things continued as before, but with an additional twist:  Goddess invited me to Skype and made it seem as if She was looking for some casual conversation.  But within no time, we were back on topic and I was paying Her for dozens of Her wonderful cleavage shots, for Her seductive audios, and Her brilliant little video clips.  I knew I was hooked for life, and I knew that it wouldn’t be me to end this cash rape – it would be Her to show mercy at a certain point.
And so She did after what seemed like an eternity of bliss and happiness for me.  Meanwhile, I had sent Her dozens of pics of me in lingerie already, and She had locked me up in chastity for an indefinite amount of time.  I’m hers, and happily.  I have no idea how things will develop from here.  But I’m eternally grateful to the Goddess Mz Devon for these wonderful 24 hours.

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