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Blog by lesley fables

Goddess says I’ve got to find my footing and see the flow.  After a week of serving her, I think I understand how to make my devotion to Her last, which is what I want most.  I agreed on Her conditions, and things seem to work fine.

Firstly, Goddess demands my daily devotional praise as the bare minimum of my dedication to Her.  I can afford it even when my credit cards are running low.  Of course, praising Her in public is seriously addictive.  But I don’t mind – it’s what Goddess deserves, anyway.

Secondly, Goddess gives me a lot of tasks to carry out for Her.  Most of them are free.  They do take some time, but not too much, so I don’t run into problems here, either.  Of course, many of these tasks humiliate me even further, but that’s what I’m here for, isn’t it?  I really have no reason to complain – obeying Goddess is fun.  The task I hate most so far is recording my journal entries.  They sound horrible with my non-native voice, and yet Goddess publishes them.  But I’m beginning to get used to the idea.  Having my depravity published has become part of the game.

Thirdly, Goddess loves to receive a gift card every day.  I’ve been sending Her lots of them so far, but this is something I can’t keep up in the long run. 

Fourthly, Goddess enjoys to cash drain me as much as I love to be drained.  But it’s consensual with no harm at all.  And I suppose She’s glad that I give what I can give happily without hurting myself, and nothing more.

Fifthly, I must ache for Her all week except on Saturdays, when I’m allowed to climax.  This sounds like a perfect rhythm for me, making me crave Her without letting the frustration take the better of me.  I’m supposed to call Her on Saturdays in order to get rid of my filth, which I haven’t done yet.  I’m a bit afraid I might chicken out in the end.  But I think my arousal will keep me focused, although this Saturday, it’s really difficult to find enough privacy for a call during holiday season with all the relatives around.

My collection of Goddess’s worship pics keeps growing and growing.  I also bought a couple of audios and videos of Hers in order to sink even deeper into Her seductive web.  Today, She has started to send me short voice messages.  That’s so awesome, and I feel so close to Her.  She even answered the “Naughty and Nice Poll” in a very personal, very nice, very understanding, and very long voice mail.  I think I really should gather my courage and call Her.  I’m Hers, anyway, so why be afraid?

Other blogs describe Goddess as stern and cruel.  That’s pretty much the opposite of what I’ve experienced so far.  She’s been nice to me, demanding, purposeful, but always kind.  Am I doing anything wrong?  Will there be a nasty surprise at some point?  Or am I doing everything right?  I’m really, really curious how things will develop.  And I’m horny to no end after a week of chastity.  Wow!  Who would have thought I’d end up like this?  This is the place I always longed for: submissive heaven.

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