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Blog by daniel b

The night of December 4. 2020 was the night my life changed.

On that day, I was randomly browsing flirts on Niteflirt. I had never really been a big fan of Niteflirt myself, but it was something to do, so why not?

Among the flirts I browsed was The Goddess Mz Devon. There are many attractive women on the site, but something about Mz Devon caught my interest. I looked over her listings and was introduced to her website. I noticed that she had different PTV (pay to view) games on her site, which was surprisingly low priced for the images that was in the previews.

One of the games I found there was the “pay piggy drain game”. I am familiar with findom and I was well aware of what a pay pig was, but this message file was priced at just 1$, which I thought was strange for a financial game. I absolutely loved the pictures that I was awarded with during the game and I was very intrigued by Mz Devon’s seductive words. She had a way of forming sentences (even written ones!) that just tapped into a special part of my mind, that left me wanting more.

I sent her a chat complimenting her and expressing my newly found interest in her work. I also asked her for her advice on how to go about exploring her files. She recommended me to listen to her mp3 files in the following order: “Mind Melt Mantras”, “Invading you” and “Weakness Embraced“.

I laid down in my bed and listened to both mp3 files, and by then I was hooked. I asked for more recommendations, which she happily gave based on my personal fetishes, and I eagerly gobbled down “Weakness Embraced”, “The Voice That Owns You” and Our Future Together”.

The absolute point of no return was when I bought “your PURPOSE”. I was so compelled to prove myself worthy of serving The Goddess Mz Devon at this point, that I had no will to resist. I sent her a tribute and told her that I wanted to serve her. I think you listeners may be able to guess what happened next, especially those who have experiences the pleasure of serving Mz Devon. I spent the whole night obsessing over her audio and media files and chatting with her. I was up until 6AM (I live in Scandinavia, so the time zones are very different. So, while it might be night here, it could be midday in Canada). I have never experienced mindless obedience and devotion such as tat I felt in this moment.

My devotion, obedience and my need to serve hasn’t changed, and I don’t think it ever will. I have been lucky enough to be able to get to know Goddess Mz Devon better during these days, and I am now a proud Devonite that worships at her temple. I honestly did not believe I could ever feel this attached, devoted and thankful for anyone, in such a short time. And its an experience that cannot be compared to anything I’ve felt before, and I am so thankful for my Goddess Mz Devon to grant me a place at her feet.

An extremely lucky Devonite

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