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Blog by nasTgirl nikki

There to begin, Her indulgence. It is by Her indulgence that contact was made, though I tried many times to gain Her attention, I found quickly She was indeed, as many here have noted, different. Niteflirt is full of script girls and dial-a-dommes, which can be quite satisfying for kink exploration, but a true submissive needs a true Domme.She commands a room with a gaze, the slightest upturn to Her lip indicates the confidence of Her superiority and hints at untold delights.

Goddess Mz Devon commands that attention from the first time you actually interact with Her. When you feel Her gaze upon You, the time is here, to shrink or step forward. It takes some courage to make the leap, to face judgement, knowing one will be found wanting but doing so all the same. I only hope to find my poor habits to be easily malleable to Her standards, that I may better serve.

Such is the nature of submission, the goal being the pleasure taken from the pleasure given. The joy of seeing Her smile, to hear a contentment that Her wants are satisfied in the tone of Her speech. The truly submissive are not humiliated by service, the ego must be put aside to perform with eagerness and gratitude the tasks She has lain before us. We need also recognize the duty of submission is to perform these tasks for Her pleasure, not for reward or recognition, but simply because they please Her in some small way, whether by making Her life easier, more luxurious, or simply to remind Her that lesser beings acknowledge Her superiority without question or hesitation. Sure, we love to be told we’re a “Good boy/girl”, and we absolutely crave Her mastery of our kinks, but these rewards should be seen as Her leisure, desired but never expected.

The importance of such devotion cannot be understated, as She has allowed those lucky among us to be shaped by Her will. This may require some repetition, not only to create and enforce the new neural paths such training will ingrain upon us, but to overcome old influences and reroute poor habits from previous experiences that may displease Her. To seek always Her approval, whether She is watching or not, to work always for Her gain, easing the burdens of everyday life that Her mind may focus on such enlightened visions as we are incapable of conjuring, this is service. I only hope I may be of service always and with a glad heart, and maintain my focus through the travails and trivialities of my own life.

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