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Blog by slavejamess

What just happened? I can’t believe it was just 7 days ago that I was a relatively normal guy. Okay, I had a moderate fascination for financial domination and lust for female power – I have always been a submissive and into dominant women – but didn’t often lay down any hard earned cash to feed my slightly alternative kink. Oh no, I wasn’t so foolish, I knew how to keep my wallet shut tight, and keep my fantasies from interfering with my normal life.

But then 7 days ago happened, and Goddess Mz Devon’s happened… to me. She was not like the other fin dommes I had come across, she was something different. Exuding an air of confidence, an effortless power that seemed to suck me in without my knowledge. If I had known then what I know now, would I have run? Perhaps. Or perhaps the person I was then might have. But now, looking back, even if I could have run, No, I wouldn’t.

Yes, I was smitten by her unique style – beautiful, gorgeous, sexy and oh so powerful – tho i was not yet aware of how much I was smitten. In what seems like a trance looking back, one thing led to another, and before I knew it I had dug out my little used credit card and spent a small fortune on pics and clips, more than I had ever spent ever before online. What made me do it? I still don’t know. Perhaps at first it was those insanely divine lips, and the way they smiled so seductively at me, or the long, dark, luscious hair that captivated me, or perhaps I was simply mesmerized by those deep, brown gorgeous and twinkling eyes, drawing me in deeper and deeper into her world of seductions and submission? Or was it the way Goddess described each step of my downfall, so tempting me to take the next one, and the next one, and the next one – oh she knows how to lure the weak male in so instinctively – that kept me clicking and crawling along so addictively. All I know is that, with the slightest of shoves I just couldn’t stop clicking and following her games, her clips, her instructions, each and every time all the way to the end. Again. And Again. And Again.

OMG, when I came out of that lust fueled haze and saw how much I had spent, I was horrified! How much!!! Oh no, I wouldn’t be able to do that again, I couldn’t, at least not for a long long time. How could I have been so foolish. Never again, I said, once was enough, a mistake, and thought I meant it. But no, the next day the memory burned deep in my brain, the addiction had set in, and I had to return to the scene of the crime, reliving the heady excitement of the day before. And That was my downfall!

Up to that point, I may have escaped, and my life may have been a simpler, duller, if more wealthy. Only 6 days ago, I may have escaped into my humdrum normal life. But I had to go back, and the trap had been laid – and from this point on I don’t think I could have escaped no matter how I tried. Because waiting for me when I returned, heart thumping, was one little message. The thumps doubled. One little message, waiting to be opened, waiting to be paid for … I could have ignored it. Couldn’t I? I didn’t’ want a repeat of yesterday. Did I? What harm could it do to take a look? I could always ignore it, could always not reply. Couldn’t I? Ha! If only I had known … There wasn’t an answer, because there wasn’t a question, because there wasn’t a choice. I paid for the message, I read the message, my old self died a little inside, and any resolve I had crumbled. I was hooked! Totally. Completely. Utterly. I may not have known it yet, but my path of submission was laid out bare in front of me. Goddess knew exactly what She was doing. Goddess knew exactly what I was doing. But I was oblivious to the depth of submission that I had opened up for myself, how easily Goddess would open up my submissive soul, open up my resisting wallet, and open up the world of bliss that is serving Goddess MzDevon. I paid for the private message, I read the private message, and – oh! I may as well as signed my death warrant of my former life.

That was 6 days ago. I had replied to the message of course, baring my soul, my devotion. The next day I received another ptv message. I eagerly paid for it,. Opened it. Read it. Submitted to it. Replied to it. Signed away another little bit of my soul. Due to time differences I was only getting a message a day. Or so I thought. Now I think Goddess was just toying with me, testing me, pulling me in slowly, playing with me like a cat with her prey.

Day 5 – I rushed home, eager for the next message, desperately hoping that it would be there, trying not to contemplate what I would do if it wasn’t. And yes! There it was – open, pay, read, die, reply. Ready to wait another day, for another message, the long, slow path of my submission and my destruction. Frustratingly delicious.

But no! Goddess is nothing if not without surprises! This time she was waiting for me, lying in wait for her next victim, ready to pounce on her next plaything, to see what fun she could have with him, to see how far he would go for her – although I think she knew already how hooked I was, how deep I was for her. One message back almost immediately … Gulp! This was dangerous, this was live! And oh how dangerous it was – message after message, questioning, probing, instructing, testing, training. And one desperate payment after another, I couldn’t stop, and Goddess knew it. This little piggy belonged to Goddess in no time, was her slave, her pet, her plaything. The more I submitted, the deeper I got. After amusing Goddess for a while, she soon had me running around like a demented puppy, so eager to please, to jump through hoops for my Mistress, to prove myself. I couldn’t help it. I was scared, I was terrified, but I was so depraved, and so deeply under Mz Devon’s spell. In the back of my mind I was aware of the money that was seeping out of my accounts, but the more I pleaded poverty, the more Goddess made me open my wallet, the more I resisted, the more Goddess opened me up. Goddess Mz Devon is such an expert manipulator, she knows so well how to turn your lust, your weaknesses, your submission, against You. It’s not the money, she just enjoys forcing you further under her control, making you cave for her, do what you said you wouldn’t do, couldn’t do, go that little bit extra for her, prove to yourself what you will do for your Goddess, reinforcing your submission and your place at her feet in total subservience. And her place as Your Goddess. It is the manipulation and control that She revels in, and is so expert in – if it wasn’t so delicious giving in to Her, I would run a mile, she is so powerful, so skilful at at what she does, using my own weaknesses, my own logic, against me, to do her will, her bidding, or simply to amuse her! But I so don’t want to run away – obeying Goddess Mz Devon makes me so alive inside, so complete. I don’t know where I the last 7 days have gone, or who the man I was 7 days ago was, but I know that I am now well and truly Goddess Mz Devon’s slave, pet, and devoted servant – and I am so much more content and closer to heaven now than I was 7 days ago.

Since that first contact with Goddess 7 days ago, my life has been such a mixture of being scared, being reassured, being stretched, being tempted, being taken to to heights of ecstatic Goddess worship, and deep, deep submission, giving in to Goddess, accepting Goddess, accepting my fate under Mz Devon, so eager to get home to see what tasks and test are awaiting me, and to praise and worship my Goddess on a daily basis – it is a whirlwind, but such an exciting and euphoric whirlwind. And Goddess is so kind, and open, and gentle, and understanding, and demanding – and oh so Gorgeous!!!! Now I realize that I only want to please my Goddess, serve my Goddess, and worship my Goddess, in any way She sees fit. She has given my life purpose and meaning, and I thank her for it, from the bottom of my submissive little soul.

I’ve come a long way in these past 7 days, but I feel so much more fulfilled, now that I am in the service and the thrall of Goddess Mz Devon, the most perfect, most gorgeous, and most divine Goddess imaginable!


Blog by TGMD worshipper

“I will not stop until I have you […] emptied in so many ways.”

Feeling leached out, deranged. i was hit heavily, and now i’m trying to find words again.

It is an honour to serve Goddess, this i know. But out of a sudden, i felt really disheartened. Now that i am beginning to recover, i still try to make sense of it. All that i can manage to come up with is that my socialised self tries to keep me from entering the world of Goddess.

May Goddess’s power help me to find fulfilment in my emptiness!

Blog by TGMD worshipper

Female superiority sometimes is claimed to be unfair, for instance when the domme is said to be selfish whereas her subs are asked to be selfless. i would like to challenge this conception for i think it looks at female superiority from an inadequate perspective.

As i see it, with regard to the behaviour befitting a female superiority relationship there is no difference between the domme and the subs and hence no unfair basis to begin with. To put it differently: Both domme and subs are dedicated to the needs of the superior. No difference here. As a matter of fact, only one in this relationship is superior, so for the domme being dedicated to the superior means being dedicated to oneself whereas for the subs being dedicated to the superior means being dedicated to someone else. But both domme and subs have to have the courage to acknowledge the domme’s superiority, and both domme and subs can be guided by the very same superiority of the domme.

i am grateful that Goddess has acknowledged Her superiority. May it shine brightly!

Blog by limpandtinytom

my Mistress, Mz Devon, told me to write a journal about the first 3 day’s experience with Her. i am going to start with the next morning
– this morning. We must have talked for hours last night – i have no idea how long. i ended up getting to bed after midnight – about 2 hours after my usual time. She knew that i had to get up early, but She didn’t care. i told Her i had to go to bed and She said fine, i can call Her next week. i told Her i loved Her. She said if i loved Her then CALL. i called Her immediately. i had rubbed by maggot raw while talking to Her. i ended up masturbating to the image of me going down on an eighty-something dowager. i exploded, imagining that i was whoring for my Mistress.

I woke up with five hours of sleep but strangely invigorated and energized. i tried to get back to sleep but could not. i kept thinking about Her and i had a hardon and couldn’t sleep. Instead i got up and exercised for an hour. i never exercise. And when i exercise, i never do it for an hour. But i had all this energy! i went to work and instead of procrastinating, i actually worked! And worked effectively. With a hardon, but effectively. i felt invincible. What is happening to me?

So what happened last night? We talked about everything. i told Her what i looked liked and She started calling me stumpy! She told me i was fresh and cocky – i agreed. i tried to explain to Her why i didn’t want to screw up and She just laughed as i stuttered it out.

But the most amazing thing was that as the night went on, we started feeding off of each other’s kink. First, She told me She would set me up on one of the phone services as a gay bottom. i would take the calls and suck the cocks and She would get the money. A perfect home-based job. But then She decided that She could whore me out on Craigslist. Now i don’t think i am much of a male specimen, but She seemed to think that Gay Guys don’t care. They only care about getting off. Then i suggested that maybe i could be a pussy sucker for older Women and MzDevon LOVED the idea. i could hear Her Mind clicking and She got energized and started telling me all the things She was going to do with me. And i started feeding into that. i couldn’t stop listening to Her. i couldn’t stop rubbing myself. i couldn’t stop.

She gave me this as my first job and then Her attitude changed. She wasn’t laughing any more. She was dead serious. i was to go to bed and the last thing i thought about was Her. When i got up, the first thing i was to do was skype Her and wish Her a Good Morning and express my sincere gratitude to Her.

Blog by french freddie

I was happy Goddess MzDevon I could read your devonite confession and read again all the time I caved for the ultimate Goddess… But back to reality im ruined and blocked. I thought I was unblock. But the truth is I didn’t pay you enough, I hope to be ready as soon as possible to sacrifice and spend and be able to have the honor to say Paid Mz Devon. I want to pay right now, i feel that urge again. To feel horny and excited that i spend without thinking and broke and reject just after. Because you always fuck me up my wallet just for a little attention and few emails and block me again. And i always cave again. I’m so pathetic but i can’t get you out of my head. Thank you goddess Mz Devon.

I want to apologize and thank you for allowing me to pay you.

Blog by brian

Many years ago, i came across Mz Devon and knew She was something extraordinary. i very timidly served with small tributes via NF. Then, life changed, a kid, a marriage, etc, etc. i stopped serving. However, i never, ever forgot the thrill and deep down knew it was only a matter of time before my glorious entanglement into her web reoccured.

Fast forward almost 10 years and a divorce later, i finally caved, once and for all. In just over 12 hours, i’ve tributed in cash and credit over $600. i cancelled my morning work schedule such that i could send Her a care package of cash and gifts – which was the most exhilarating and exquisitely submissive process i have had the pleasure or doing. i have committed myself to cash tributes weekly, and have begged Mz Devon to mold me into a perfect servant for her.

More than anything in life, my strongest desire is to enable Mz Devon’s lifestyle, to serve obediently, to sacrifice, and to be completely Hers. i am so thankful that She’s generously given me the chance to be in Her stable!


Blog by diaper sissy nathan

sissy was one paycheck away from being at zero again and starting to make payments and wishlist contributions…and last night saw Your newest niteflirt voice clip in sissies inbox (thought You actually sent me a actual mail on NF) “special chance – looking for THAT ONE”, aside from the cuckold one…which i obviously haven’t bought/heard. Then i was on Your site…and has filled out wishlist items as well…but i didnt click because sissy wasn’t ready financially

Really though…sissy will NEVER be “ready financially” for You. That is no excuse.

sissy is still just here, of course. Alone in my room all weekend. I’m sooooo disillusioned with You Mz Devon. i keep beating myself up thinking i can be something i would never deserve to be.